Seattle, Washington

Stepping Stone Graphics = Superior Attention to Detail

The divine is in the details.

Here are some basic typographic, grammatical, and design details that make documents created by Stepping Stone Graphics stand out from the rest:

• Proper use of apostrophes and contractions (its/it's; your/you're; let's/lets, etc.)

• Conversion of straight (typewriter) quotation marks to typographic (curly)

• Years designated with an outward facing apostrophe, e.g., ’68

• Use of en (–) or em (—) dashes rather than single (-) or double hyphens (--)

• One space after a period, not two (read why in this article:
The Mac Is Not a Typewriter. Your PC Isn’t Either)

• Correctly aligned numbered lists

• Conservative use of hyphenation

• Plenty of white space, and other design elements that make reading easy on the eye.

• Avoidance of “bad” line breaks such as a single word on its own line at the end of a paragraph or a web address (URL) breaking between lines, columns,
or pages

• Widows and orphans (one line by itself, either at the top of a column or before a column break)

• Careful use of paragraph and character styles, layers, master pages

• Graphics in correct color space and properly resized for optimal file size and
reproduction, for both print and web

Many designers produce highly creative publications, but mistakes and oversights can make or break the image you want to project.

Call or write to discuss your project, or fill out a contact form here. You’ll find that a small, independent business can provide high-quality work and individualized attention at a reasonable price.